‘It’s in the moments of unhappiness that we get clear on what we DON’T want and can decide what we DO want instead.

It’s up to us – to take action.

My journey out of the R a t  R a c e .

I never did like the idea of having a typical job.

I didn’t want to be stuck to a repetitive schedule.

I didn’t want to feel like I would be disappointing someone if I needed to call in sick

I didn’t want to live for the weekend or that two week vacation once a year.

I didn’t like looking into my dogs face as I left for work. Her devastation broke my heart.

I hated hearing my coworkers complain about how they didn’t want to be there, when in my heart all I wanted was to help them achieve the dreams they told me about.

I wanted to be outside in nature, instead of feeling like I was a bird in a cage.

Standing inside, looking outside.

I wanted to F L Y

I wanted everyday to be a vacation

As it should be.

I needed more variety.

I needed more ability to be C r e a t i v e.

I needed S u n s h i n e ☀️

I wanted to help others achieve all their dreams they were telling me about

I had learned about the power behind setting intentions, the law of attraction, and how we create our own realities.

So I got  C r y s t a l  clear on exactly what I wanted.

• Time Freedom

• Location Freedom

• Financial Freedom

• Optimal Health and Well-being

• To live my life Joyously

• To be surrounded by Like-Minded, High-Vibe, Growth Focused Souls.

• To be able to work completely from my laptop. And as many or as little hours as I wanted

And then all of a sudden I got it. On a silver platter, E x a c t l y as I had asked for it.

No – I didn’t get the full cake . . . but I got some incredible ingredients to make one

It took me a little to realize it . . . 🤫

But when I did, I then realized I got even more as well.

I got a family of people who support me non stop. Who encourage me to be my best self.

My success in their eyes, is first priority.

I get to support Health, Wellness, Sustainability, Eco-Friendly, Fair-Trade, Simple Abundant Living, and most importantly be apart of R E D I S T R I B U T I N G the W E A L T H of this planet back into the hands of YOU and ME and to those who support the above as well.

No, we don’t have to work hard, just S m a r t .

If you relate in any way . . .

Learn more love.

It might just change your life too.

The universe guides us right where we need to be, that’s how I’m here.

But it’s up to you to grab the opportunity. I can’t do that for you.  ✨

But I am here to help you learn more and guide you through the process as others have done for me.

Back into abundance.

Back into alignment.

Back into Time, Location, and Financial Freedom.

Back into Health and Helping Others as well as Ourselves.

“The leap looks big, until we jump and realize it’s just a puddle, and we already have cute rain boots on”

You are worthy

You are enough

You deserve the life you came here to live.


Ask me questions

I am here for Y O U

Regain Your Control

Life gets weird.

We all know it.

So what do we do when it does?

It can be really easy to loose ourselves when something, or multiple things, come up that take over our minds. Every thought becomes centered around it. And before you know it a few weeks, maybe months, have gone by and you feel like you’ve lost yourself and any momentum in the direction of keeping yourself centered and balanced.  

Well…. that’s just another thought too. 

And we are not our thoughts. We, our souls,  just observe them. And we can choose which ones we want to listen to. The fact you realized time had flown by tells you your mind is growing and strengthening. This time your awareness caught up and now is your opportunity to refocus. To recenter and get balanced out. 

The perfect opportunity actually. 

Because now you have a really good idea of what you DON’T want. So start adjusting and adding in more of what you DO want. 

And please remember – sustainable changes are made by taking baby steps. Not 10, or even 5, huge changes all at once.

ONE change at a time. ( Maybe 2 , but lets keep it at that )

Make it small. It could even look like spending the next 3 days thinking and entertaining the thought of making a baby step. THAT IS A STEP. 

The smaller the step, the more likely you are to do it and accomplish it. Then, your baby steps will add up, and the more you accomplish them the more confidence you will have in yourself and your ability to make change.   And it just grows and grows from there 🙂 

You’ve Got this!

I know you do!

Need a little guidance?

What is one thing that is bothering you lately?
What do you want it to look like instead? 

Now – what is your baby step you can take right now?

And as always – I am here to help if you need more in-depth guidance

Send me a message.

That right there could be your baby step.     🙂

All my best, 

A Day of Giving

I have recently decided to dramatically lessen the material things I own.

For a few reasons.

I have more than I need.

I plan to spend some time traveling and having less belongings will be easier to manage.

And less things to pack when I decide to live in different locations.

I’m working on only owning and buying things which have deep meaning to me instead of buying just to buy or out of whim. (Mindful – intentional spending.)

Creating space for growth. Physically and mentally.

If I haven’t worn certain clothes or used an item in a decent amount of time, or if it has been stored away somewhere in a box for longer than I can remember….there is someone else who could use it more than myself.

I spent some time thoroughly going through all my possessions and asking myself:

Is this something that brings me joy?

When was the last time I used it?

Does it align with the person I am wanting to be?

Will someone else appreciate it more than I am right now?

Some items were very easy to let go of. Others I looked at, had a deep sense of emotion come to the surface, and had to revisit another day. In the end, realizing the attachment I had to the item was not serving me in a positive way.

A huge part of what helped me be able to give, and in such a big way, was coming to the understanding everything in this life is energy.

Everything, including us, ebbs and flows in and out of our lives effortlessly when we are connected to nature and free flowing.

It is when we latch on to something that we disrupt this natural flow. It is when we store items in our possession, physically or mentally, that aren’t in alignment with ourselves, or out of fear, that we block natures ability to allow more and better things to come our way. When we hold on to items and emotions, we stop the flow of new things coming into our existence that are meant to, which help us continue to grow and evolve.

Let nature be our teacher again.
So much beauty is found in the act of letting go. Letting go of the old, makes room for something new.

When we give, we in turn allow ourselves room to receive.

You know the saying – you can’t give without receiving something yourself in return.

The return is a slew of positive emotions which can dramatically raise your vibration. In turn allowing you the ability to live in a state of flow and effortless ease.

Now doesn’t that sound nice.

I spent a full day giving away items that I no longer needed and it was an incredible day. I utilized an Unconditional Give or Take Group I found where I could offer my belongings directly to those in my area. Being able to directly give away your items to the exact person and to feel their appreciation and gratitude is such a wonderful feeling.

I have a handful more boxes I will be going through over the next couple months to have another day of giving.

My intention is to inspire you to do the same.

To start in a single room of your home and one by one, go through your belongings and make piles of what you no longer want. 

Let it be enjoyable.

Feel good about what you’re doing ( because it is amazing! ) and let the physical act of cleaning out your belongs also be cleaning to your mental state.

Creating physical space, also creates mental space.

And then find someone ( or many) who could use it more than you. 

This practice creates a clean and open space vibrationally for you to receive what life is trying to give you.

This world we live in is consistently responding to our wants and desires, but when we are blocked we block our ability to receive what we ask for.

Try letting go of emotional attachments you have to items.

If you haven’t used it in a awhile…do you really need it?

When you look at it or use it, do you feel good about it?

If not, if it brings up negative emotions, ask yourself if you still want to carry those emotions inside you. If so, or if you’re not ready, it’s okay to keep it. But if not, let it go – and the emotions will go with it allowing room for new and better ones to come in. Ones you can now intentionally choose.

May your coming days of giving be beautiful and a time of immense positive change in your life.

Towards a life of pure enjoyment and ease.

May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you be at peace. 

May your life flow with ease.