Aligning Energy with Action

Deciding when to take action. 

There is a right and wrong time to make decisions
and take action on them. 

Here’s the not so good time: 
When we are stressed

When our mind is running like crazy 
When we feel like there’s not enough time in the day to do everything we need to 
When we aren’t enjoying what we’re doing
When we’re tired 
When we’re angry or frustrated 

Here’s the perfect time: 
When you’re centered 
When life feels like its worth living 
When you’re flooded with amazing ideas of things you want to do 
When your mind is still
When the thought of an outcome brings a smile to your face 
When you feel loved 
When you feel light and joyous
When you feel ambitious

Making sure we wait until we are in a good place to make decisions will help your life flow so much more smoothly. The feeling of regretting a past decision or fretting over whether or not you made the right decision is no longer an issue. 

You will be confident you made the right choice and this right choice opens life up and allows us to live more in the present. 

How to get yourself in the right mindset / the perfect time: 

Do what brings you peace.

What gives you a clear mind? 

Here are some of my own personal things I do to clear my head and de-stress when life gets crazy. 

I go to the beach and either run and stretch, or sit and meditate. Or both. 

I do yoga. (meditation)

Clearing the mind of unnecessary thoughts.
I write. 
I draw. 
I hike. 

Sometimes this is a solo activity. Sometimes I need communication and connection.

Find what works for YOU in your current moment. 

We seem to have come to a place where when someones asks us a question, needs a favor, or a decision needs to be made we feel we have to respond right away. We don’t!

It is perfectly okay, and even better if we take the time we feel we need to respond. Not only will this make you feel more in control and end in a better result, others will appreciate our willingness to take time to make the right choice. Trust and respect will grow. In yourself, and from others.

I hope this finds you on a day when you are needing it the most.

All my best,


Intentions / Burning Passion / Desire

With each day that passes my Passions, my Desires, my Wants, and my Purpose get stronger and stronger.

I am full of a burning desire to create a change in this world.

A world filled with more Joy, more Love, more Respect, more Help, more Mindfulness, more Awareness, and more Authenticity.

Adding these aspects into my own life taught me these are such a huge part of the foundation of living a True, Passionate, Authentic, Fulfilled life.

In order to see and live in a different world, it first starts with cultivating it for our own self. Bringing the qualities we want to see in our life – into our personal life first.

We can’t expect somebody else to respect or love us, if we don’t first respect or love ourselves.

– Get really clear on what you want in your own life.

– Develop an awareness around your thoughts, actions, and habits.

– Then deliberately change your thoughts, actions, and habits to align with what you are wanting

This isn’t something that happens in a day or a week, or even a month.

It takes time and is forever changing and evolving.

The key is to enjoy the process.

Noticing the slight tugs and pulls of resistance when our actions aren’t aligning. See them as wonderful opportunities to take action and shift in the direction you want to go.

In time you will begin to build a solid foundation.

Living authentically inspires and allows others to do the same.

It is a very powerful and beautiful ripple effect.


What enlivens you?

What brings you joy?

What are you most passionate about and love sharing with others?

Gaining clarity on what you want and focusing your attention on it daily aligns your experience with what you are wanting.

We create our own realities every second of everyday whether we realize it or not.

What kind of life do you want?

Write it down.

Think about about.

Feel as if you already have it.

The more we do this and are aware of our thoughts and how we feel in each moment, the quicker we are able to align with what brings us the most joy, the most satisfaction, and ultimately the most fulfilling life we can live. The one we came here to live. We just forget.

Let’s remember.