Like nature – we shift, we morph, we change into whatever shape the wind and water forms us into. Molding us, transforming us, purifying us. A consistent flow and cycle of change and adaptation. Every curve, every inch. Everything touched, nothing left undone.

The only consistent thing in this world is that everything changes.

I am unable to imagine a more pristine time than right now, with everything going on in the world, for us to be able to redesign, recreate, adjust, and tweak the world, our ideals, and the way we go about our day to day life. The rug underneath all of our feet has been moved, and we are seeing all the dust, dirt, unfinished business, old bad habits, and harmful things we either intentionally put under the rug, or did so not realizing.

So many layers and levels across all platforms that need to be addressed and shifted so we can move forward into a new and better version.

I see it happening. All around me. I see the right questions being asked leading to the right answers. I see people taking action where action needs to be taken. I see people learning and evolving and wanting to step up and be a better version, their best version. So many learning curves. So much adaptation its quiet beautiful when we are able to step back and look from a birds eye view.

We are all on different levels. Moving through whichever area of our life is currently presenting itself in front us and learning how to navigate in new ways to produce new and desired solutions.

A massive upheaval which I do truly believe we will all be able to look back on and see just how much incredibly positive change occurred amongst the chaos.

When we choose to see the beauty within a disaster, it is the beauty we end up seeing.

For help shifting out of habits that may longer being working check out what I offer as a Wellness Coach, and get in touch so you can begin to see the change you are desiring.

A Day of Giving

I have recently decided to dramatically lessen the material things I own.

For a few reasons.

I have more than I need.

I plan to spend some time traveling and having less belongings will be easier to manage.

And less things to pack when I decide to live in different locations.

I’m working on only owning and buying things which have deep meaning to me instead of buying just to buy or out of whim. (Mindful – intentional spending.)

Creating space for growth. Physically and mentally.

If I haven’t worn certain clothes or used an item in a decent amount of time, or if it has been stored away somewhere in a box for longer than I can remember….there is someone else who could use it more than myself.

I spent some time thoroughly going through all my possessions and asking myself:

Is this something that brings me joy?

When was the last time I used it?

Does it align with the person I am wanting to be?

Will someone else appreciate it more than I am right now?

Some items were very easy to let go of. Others I looked at, had a deep sense of emotion come to the surface, and had to revisit another day. In the end, realizing the attachment I had to the item was not serving me in a positive way.

A huge part of what helped me be able to give, and in such a big way, was coming to the understanding everything in this life is energy.

Everything, including us, ebbs and flows in and out of our lives effortlessly when we are connected to nature and free flowing.

It is when we latch on to something that we disrupt this natural flow. It is when we store items in our possession, physically or mentally, that aren’t in alignment with ourselves, or out of fear, that we block natures ability to allow more and better things to come our way. When we hold on to items and emotions, we stop the flow of new things coming into our existence that are meant to, which help us continue to grow and evolve.

Let nature be our teacher again.
So much beauty is found in the act of letting go. Letting go of the old, makes room for something new.

When we give, we in turn allow ourselves room to receive.

You know the saying – you can’t give without receiving something yourself in return.

The return is a slew of positive emotions which can dramatically raise your vibration. In turn allowing you the ability to live in a state of flow and effortless ease.

Now doesn’t that sound nice.

I spent a full day giving away items that I no longer needed and it was an incredible day. I utilized an Unconditional Give or Take Group I found where I could offer my belongings directly to those in my area. Being able to directly give away your items to the exact person and to feel their appreciation and gratitude is such a wonderful feeling.

I have a handful more boxes I will be going through over the next couple months to have another day of giving.

My intention is to inspire you to do the same.

To start in a single room of your home and one by one, go through your belongings and make piles of what you no longer want. 

Let it be enjoyable.

Feel good about what you’re doing ( because it is amazing! ) and let the physical act of cleaning out your belongs also be cleaning to your mental state.

Creating physical space, also creates mental space.

And then find someone ( or many) who could use it more than you. 

This practice creates a clean and open space vibrationally for you to receive what life is trying to give you.

This world we live in is consistently responding to our wants and desires, but when we are blocked we block our ability to receive what we ask for.

Try letting go of emotional attachments you have to items.

If you haven’t used it in a awhile…do you really need it?

When you look at it or use it, do you feel good about it?

If not, if it brings up negative emotions, ask yourself if you still want to carry those emotions inside you. If so, or if you’re not ready, it’s okay to keep it. But if not, let it go – and the emotions will go with it allowing room for new and better ones to come in. Ones you can now intentionally choose.

May your coming days of giving be beautiful and a time of immense positive change in your life.

Towards a life of pure enjoyment and ease.

May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you be at peace. 

May your life flow with ease.

Broccoli Date Beauty Bowl

Our bodies have a built in way to let us know exactly what foods we need….and don’t need for that matter.

Just as a dog, or any other wild animal, we too can instinctively know what foods are good for us in the moment and which ones are not.

It’s about tapping into those subtle signs, understanding what they mean, and then actually listening to them and correctly taking action.

Eating what our body recognizes gives it the ability to preform at it’s highest level. Giving us the energy we long for, soft clear vibrant skin, shiny strong hair, sparkling white eyes, a humming digestive system, and luscious restful sleep.

We tap into this inner knowing by slowing down.

Yeah I know, the opposite of what we want to do. Or think we want to do…

For me, I did this by switching my mindset around meal times. Viewing eating as more of a sacrid spiritual practice that feeds my body and soul, rather than seeing the time I spend eating as not productive and almost a waste of time.

My relationship with food has been on both ends of the spectrum, but now…

I chose to cherish the time I spend eating, as well as the foods I chose to eat, just as much as all the other high priority items in my life.

The foods we eat are important.

But HOW we eat them is just as important.

We are fed much more by the food we eat when we take time to appreciate each bite.

Healing our relationship with food is a beautiful thing.

It doesn’t happen over night. It is a practice and a lot of inner growth can occur as well.

The food off our plates is also vitality important and feeds us just as much.

Healing our relationship with food may mean healing one, or some, of those other areas as well.

A lot of the time we crave certain foods, not because our body actually wants them, but for reasons other than nutritional needs.

We may be craving fulfillment in other areas of our life such as

The work we do

Be patient with yourself.

Set an intention and allow yourself the space to let it unfold.

This is what I am currently eating a lot. With different variations. If this is completely different from how you eat…baby steps. Pick up some dates the next time you’re at the store and try those out. They are little pieces of sweet heaven. Add those in to your next typical salad or just as a snack.

Dramatic changes don’t happen all at once…and we don’t want them to. There’s to much resistance when they do. Baby step your way into it…and it’ll manifest way quicker than if you try tackling it all at once.

Broccoli Date Salad

Red leaf lettuce




Red cabbage

Broccoli florets





Avocado Blood Orange Oil ( this stuff is bomb. I received it as a gift last week, it is heaven. Slightly sweet and perfectly rich)

Hemp Oil

Maca powder

Barley Grass Juice Powder

**You don’t have to use this dressing. Something simple like olive oil, lemon juice, and maple syrup is wonderful. A mustard vinaigrette is nice as well. Whatever sounds good to you.

Keep it simple and try to make your own dressing to keep it as whole and unprocessed as possible.

***For those suffering from gut issues and low stomach acids, go ahead and leave out the red cabbage and add everything else. This is a wonderful meal for the gut, makes digestion easy on the stomach, and provides a  lot of nutrition.

Chew thoroughly 🙂

A Year of Transformation

The year of May 2017 to May 2018, I was guided through a transformation I will never forget.

Not so much in the way of changing who I am however….but in bringing back to life and remembering the joyous and full of life person I once was. The person I truly am; my authentic self. The one I had left behind in an attempt to fit in.

I have brought light back into all of the dreams I buried. I have spoken all of the thoughts I once felt I should hold back. I have cried all of the tears that needed crying. I have screamed the words that needed to be heard. I have felt the emotions I bundled up inside.  I laughed for all of the times that I had held back.

I have broken through so many of the barriers, boundaries, and limitations that I once put in place because of a world that told me I should.

And damn does it feel good!!!

I have always known I was different from those around me. My thoughts were a little more eccentric. My feelings were way deeper. My need for down time, alone time, and time to decompress was always very high. I could easily pick up on the feelings and emotions of those around me.

People would say I was dreaming too big, my thoughts weren’t realistic, and/or I needed to grow up.

I now find immense pride and joy in my uniqueness. And I know I am certainly not the only one who has grown up in a world feeling like we didn’t fit in.

◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊

Here is my viewpoint on it these days as I now feel even more awakened than before.

Those of us who feel like the outcasts, who’s opinions get shut down, who’s wants and needs seem to always get confined into a little box that gets thrown away, who get overwhelmed and feel pressure coming at them in every direction…..

We are here to help change this world into a better place.

In order to do that, we need to think different, act different, and just be completely different from everyone else.

So of course we are going to catch hell for it!

But, I have noticed the more I realize this great gift…the more I welcome the criticism, the ‘no’s’, the ‘you can’ts’, the looks of disappointment or astonishment. They all just fuel my fire.

This past year has brought with it some intense inner work which brought some intense inner peace.

And from what I can tell…..the more true and authentic I become the more fun I have!!! It is important to grow up and be responsible yes, but it is even more important to not loose that inner child. The wild, crazy, adventurous piece of us that just wants to have fun.

 I attract better people into my life. Like-minded crazy individuals with so much passion and purpose. True deep meaningful connections that create wonderful memories.

Here are some of the changes I have made. This is just a short list as it would take me forever to write them all, but these are the biggest ones.

  • My mindset. I am grateful. I look for the positive. I believe anything I will ever need is already inside of me. It always has been, and always will be. Its just a matter of tapping into it. Our cells have the words of the universe imprinted in them. Our gut and intuition are what leads us.
  • My diet. I hate that word but there it is. If you don’t know me well enough yet, I discourage dieting ( as well as calorie counting ). There is no quick fix, it leaves us feeling deprived. Food is everything. We are what we eat. We are given one body, respecting it and understanding its limitations as well as its ability to thrive allows it to give us the best life possible.
  • My values & boundaries. I got really clear on what I value. What I want to value. And what I absolutely am not okay with.  And then I live accordingly. If something doesn’t match up with my value or pushes past a boundary. I speak up…. or I let go of it.
  • I make sure my words line up with my actions. If I say I am going to do something. I do it. If I don’t want to do something or know it is not in my best interest, I say no to it.
  • I have fine tuned my relationships. I have worked hard to eliminate negative influences in my life and increase positive ones. I choose friendships that are meaningful and authentic. Ones that inspire me and fuel me to continue to be and do my best.
  • Self care.  Oh how critical self care is. Especially for those of us who are Highly Sensitive People. ( no this does not mean I cry all the time and get upset over everything. However, it is important to learn and listen to and understand the subtle signs of our bodies ) Highly Sensitive People are able to feel more and pick up on energies and vibrations more than others. We embody these energies from people and everything around us and therefore need to have time to decompress and reground ourselves.

◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊

This past year I have made more changes than ever. I have seen some incredible highs as well as some incredible lows. I have learned to listen to and trust my gut. I have learned to respect myself and demand respect from others. I have learned how to not only follow my dreams but how to make them reality.  I have reminded myself that we are here on this planet, in this universe, to simply have fun and to immensely enjoy the world around us. To help each other through our journeys. We all learn as we go. No reason to make it harder on each other.

If there is something we don’t like…we have complete control over changing it. Everything is a choice, staying somewhere we don’t like, doing something we don’t like….it’s all a choice. It takes change and struggle to get something different, yes, but it’s better than continuing on doing something that makes life even harder and more  difficult than it already is.

◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊

One more awesome thing I have gotten out of this year of transformation…..

I know its just the beginning.

And there is so much more. So much more greatness, so many more amazing people, so many more wonderful authentic connections, so many more moments of realizations to come.

◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊

My passion, my purpose, my goal is to help as many people as I can re-illuminate that light that is inside them.

If that is something you’re interested in….if a year of transformation is something you are looking for, if your gut is saying ‘yes this is me!’, ‘yes I relate!’….. now is the time to start thinking about making some changes to become more authentic to yourself.

To re illuminate the light that’s inside of you.

Now is the time in our world when we need to be doing this if we aren’t already. It is imperative that we make shifts and changes to re illuminate our world and bring it back into balance.

WE are the ones leading the way, and re creating the world in which we want to live in.

These kinds of transformations are best done with someone who has already been through the process themselves and can offer space, time, and lived knowledge as you work through it all yourself.

Contact me here to get started today.

May this next year be one of magnificent positive transformation.