It is what kicks that annoying emotion of fear in the ass.

It is what makes things possible.

It is what makes life fun.

It is how we adventure, find new places, meet new people.

It opens our awareness, makes our experiences incredibly more vibrant and meaningful.

It elevates our consciousness.

It relaxes us. It brings a feeling of home and comfort into our souls.

It is a love for life, for others, for experiences and opportunities, and most importantly….it is a love for ourselves.

Confidence completely comes from within. It is comfort we find within ourselves and our bodies. It is the opposite of negative self talk. It is positive affirmations.

Those tummy butterflies that appear right before we are about to do something that scares us ….. those are excitement ( borrowing this incredible insight from the book Fearless ) and joyful anticipation for the incredible road block we are about to tackle and this incredible full of life experience we are about to have.

Let confidence triumph over fear.

Turn fear to excitement.

Turn living…into THRIVING.



We are bombarded by opportunities left and right every day, and when we are in alignment these opportunities are like a bowl of frozen raspberries with cacao nibs and coconut sugar. aka yummy.

These days, when we ask for something . . . ta da! there’s the opportunity for us to take to give us exactly what we asked for. The more in alignment we are, the more instantaneous this becomes.

Its really insanely wonderful. Once you get the hang of it lol

Its when we don’t take the opportunity that things get sticky and uncomfortable.

There is still work we have to put in to releasing the old to make room for this new awesome . . . but we come to find the ‘work’ is fun! It only becomes hard when we start taking actions in the opposite direction of our desire.

( thank you universe for making me uncomfortable to guide me back in the right direction )

Look for these opportunities. Be open to them. Encourage them and want them in your life. Most of the time they are already there, waiting for us to remember them, but we are too fast-paced and not present in the moment enough to see them. Which is a bummer because these opportunities are exactly what we need to grow and evolve. ( in turn living out our wants and dreams)

I used to use the phrase ‘follow your dreams’ all the time and then realized a couple things – First – what were my dreams? What was it that I was dreaming about every night when my head hit that pillow. Was there a common theme? HECK YES THERE WAS. That was what I needed to follow.

Second – once I started listening and following, I then realized I no longer wanted to follow my dreams. I wanted to LIVE my dreams. To turn them into my reality.

So I ‘gave in’ so to speak. I call this surrendering now, or even better, releasing my grip and letting myself fully feel the present moment. It allowed me to see where I was, release these blocks that had been built up, and open me up to allow opportunities to begin to present themselves.

These opportunities are what gets us to where we are wanting to go.

Which really, at the end of the day – the root of everything we could ever desire is a deeper and deeper feeling of love and bliss. The things and experiences we crave – are what bring about these emotions of love and bliss.

It is important to keep our wants in our minds and bring an awareness around whether or not our actions are actually in alignment with them, but it is just as important to be open and ready to do something different, to take a step in a direction you haven’t gone before, otherwise life will constantly be giving you what you want, while you’re still over there waiting for it. 

In order to get something different – to have something that we have never had – to experience something that we have yet to do – we have to realize that means we have to do something we have yet to do, to get it.

Be open.
Be willing to try new things.

Get out of your comfort zone. Like way out. The more you push the edges of that comfort zone the bigger it gets, which means the next hurtle will be a little bit higher, a little bit scarier, a little bit tougher to throw yourself over.

but that also just means – whats on the other side is that much more amazing.

Realize that what you want, wants you, but you have to be willing to do something you haven’t yet done to receive it.


as I write this, it is also a reminder to myself, that I currently have wants waiting for me too.

I am on this journey right along with you .

reprogramming, rewiring our minds, back to a space where everything was once perfectly aligned.

A Day of Remembrance

I came here to experience life.

I spent the majority of my adolescent years observing. With not much experiencing.

Learning as much as I could about the world I lived in.

I learned a lot.

And then I had to unlearn most of it. To relearn what is actually accurate and benefits my time here instead of hinders it.

That’s when the actual living and experiencing started taking place.

Observing was important. and i continue to do so however this time through new eyes.

i learned there is a lot of hurt in the world we live in. a lot of completely unnecessary hurt.

i lived it.

and then decided i couldn’t do that anymore.

but i am grateful

because now i get to watch the joys of all those i am blessed to help find their own way out of the hurt.

Today, along with many more to come, feels like a day of remembrance, reflection, and embodiment for me, but more so for my grandfather who passed the day after Christmas this year.

Yesterday I was chaotic.

I had a million and one things that had gone unfinished. I completed a lot of them.

Today I want to sit still.

My world feels completely different.

It is more vibrant.

It is peaceful.

You may not be here physically.

But I can feel you

I can hear you

And I can see you.

Intuition and Curiosity

What makes you nervous?

Is there something you’ve been wanting to do, but for some reason haven’t yet?

Maybe it’s that weird local grocery store you drive by everyday that you kind of want to check out, or that e-book online that you keep coming across that really isn’t that expensive and you want it, but you haven’t purchased it yet for who knows what reason.


Its really cool. But it sucks if we don’t explore it because we leave ourselves wondering what if?

Curiosity is our intuition coming through.

So what’s something you’ve been wanting to do that you haven’t yet?

What’s holding you back?

Most likely an irrational fear. Fear gets in the way of everything and stops us from living a truly empowered, vibrant life.

Here’s what I have learned – Kick fear to the curb and go do what looks intriguing to you. These moments of curiosity are when our intuition and soul comes forth and says hey! go this direction!

This is also the perfect time to align our actions from an intention of love and joy instead of fear. Anything done from a state of fear draws us farther away from our intuition or natural state of being, which is to feel love and joy with everything we do.

To see just how true we can be to ourselves. How true we will stick to our intuition and listen to it.

Cause when we don’t, life will just give us a little kick on the behind and say nope! I told you what to do, you didn’t listen, here you go, here’s another opportunity. This time a little more forceful. Try again.

Lets make life easier on ourselves. We all know it is hard enough as it is anyway right.

Lets listen to that gut feeling. Lets follow that idea that makes us smile even if we think we will be judged for it. Lets take a nap when we know we need to and listen to our bodies instead of thinking that powering through is what will make others think we are strong. Strong is being able to surrender, be vulnerable, let go, and listen to ourselves and do what is best for us first, and always.

We can’t give from an empty cup.

And when our cup is empty, remember to allow others to fills yours back up if theirs is overflowing.

And then of course, always return the favor.


A reoccurring lesson in my life has been about the power of Gratitude.

Reoccurring only because I keep unknowingly stopping my practice and putting myself into a place where I have to relearn the lesson to get back on track. Back in balance.

I’m human. I learn as I go. As do we all. 🙂

It’s been a hard lesson at times, but always very worth it. .

When we are not grateful for the things we have in our lives, we can soon find ourselves without any of them. I’ve been here many times.

The universe will forever amaze me in its ability to massively shift my reality to get it back into balance.

And it can do it very quickly.

lack of gratitude for what currently is . . . will shift our realities into one of lack of everything. We live in a world of complete abundance, but when we aren’t grateful, we look through eyes of lack. We pick out whats missing, instead of appreciating what is there, the abundance.

I have learned gratitude can also work just as quickly in the opposite direction. Almost instantaneously.

Gratitude, when practiced correctly, instantly changes our bodies vibrations from a place of lack, to a place of abundance and love. And when it comes to drawing in that which we are wanting…. coming from a place of love, abundance, and joy draws it in insanely quicker than from a place of fear, worry, or lack.

As soon as I realized I wasn’t showing gratitude for the things in my life, I made it a point to list off at least 3 things before bed that night, and again right as I woke up the following morning. I felt like a different person the remainder of that following day. The way the people around interacted with me, the experiences and opportunities I ended up having, my own state of happiness and joy had literally flip flopped over night from a place of feeling alone, sorrowful, unworthy, and disappointed in myself, to a place of comfort, joy, happiness, compassion, and overflowing with abundance.

Being grateful raises our vibration. It helps us feel lighter, more clear, more grounded and centered. From this place, we are working with life instead of against it and things start falling right into place.  It forces us to come from a place of love, over a place of fear.

I may be talking more about the importance of always coming from a place of love in another post, but until I do, here is a little snip bit….every decision and every thought we have that comes from a place of love, will catapult us forward into a higher state of happiness and joy, while every decision and thought based off of fear will drag us farther down into the lower vibrations of unhappiness and imbalance.

Always be coming from a place of love : )

And back to gratitude….

If you want to bring some of this wonderfulness into your life here is my own gratitude practice to help you get an idea for yourself.

For each, I list off 3 things I am grateful for. If not more. You can do this just in your head, but writing it down is even more powerful. And even more powerful than that is sharing them with someone else.

  • Right as I wake up (before I even get out of bed)
  • Before I eat. So breakfast, lunch, and dinner ( if I’m totally on my game…before my snacks too )
  • Before I start work.
  • Before I go to bed.

At first it takes a little to get in the hang of it, but once you do…its really easy to list off way more than 3. The more the better!!

Now this is a lot…if you are completely new to this gratitude thing….I would start with one of those.  So maybe either right before bed, or as you wake up. And once you have that down…keep going 🙂

↓ This is key ↓

It is not merely about quickly muttering out anything. You have to actually genuinely be grateful. It is about FEELING it. You have to really appreciate that which you are saying you are grateful for. It is this feeling that changes the vibration in our body.

What we FEEL … is what we get.

And we have the power to choose what we feel.

•   •  •

I will be forever grateful for the privilege of choice.

I will be forever grateful for the knowledge I receive and the ability to share it with all of you.

I am grateful for the journey I am on and that it has brought me here.

•   •  •


I Like What I See

When you wake up in the morning, look around.

Look at your hands, your legs and body.

Look at the bed you’re in, the room that surrounds you.

The things that surround you.

Look at yourself in the mirror.

And say – I like what I see.

It might sound congruent.

It might not at all.

Some of it may, while some of it might not.

All is okay.

Each morning, keep saying, I like what I see.

And before you know it…if you didn’t already…you will start loving what you see. Your life will shift, your perspective will shift, the things that surround you will shift into being congruent with this statement.

Everywhere you go…

I like what I see.

I love what I’m doing.

We create the reality that is in front of us. Every piece.

First in our minds, then manifesting out through physical form.

If we are looking around saying/thinking I don’t like what I see, I don’t like where I am or what I’m doing….we create more of that for ourselves.  Those words, those thoughts are like seeds being planted in our minds, and the more we think and say them…the more we water them to grow and get bigger.

Lets only grow what we want to see.

When we catch ourselves looking out and seeing something we don’t like…retract from those thoughts…and replace them with, I like what I see. It may seem weird to say I like what I see, when in actuality we may not currently like what’s in front of us… keep your trust. The transformative power behind looking at something that you don’t like, and saying out loud, I like what I see….will probably shock you.

Reinforcing this in our minds can very quickly shift what you are looking at into something you actually like seeing.

You will know you’ve learned this concept when you’re living, moving, and doing everything in a state of joyful flow, each moment and experience growing in power one after another.

“The desire for a more positive experience is itself a negative experience. And paradoxically, the acceptance of ones negative experience is itself a positive experience.” Mark Manson


The light in me, sees and honors the light in you.


It’s what makes us human. 

It’s what makes us feel alive.
It’s what brings the deep connection.
It connects us with who we truly are.
It is not weakness – It is Strength
It is looked down upon – But it should be Cherished.
Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Not only around others, but even with yourself.
Cry when you need to.
See it as a releasing of the old to make room for the new.
Our bodies are filled with this energy. 
Let it out instead of 
storing it away.
There will be a flush of release throughout your body by doing so.
Be vulnerable around others. 
Choose wisely who deserves this part of you. 
It breaks down a wall that allows for more love, joy, and comfort to come in.
Everything is connected. 
We are meant to be connected to each other.
But we unknowingly refuse to feel it. 

Feel connected to those around you.
Let them see you at your lows.
Let them see you at your highs. 

You are meant to be around the people you are around. 

See yourself in these people and your actions toward them will soften and become more passionate.
We are all human. We all come from the same thing.
Be you.
It opens the ability for others to do the same.

Are you Awake?

“Once we see the light, we can’t unsee it.

What once made sense no longer does.

Seeing new things will always require change, as the lessons seek to shift into our bones.

Many of us avoid the unfamiliar because we doubt we can hold it. We’ve been told for so long that we need a guidebook to tell us what to see. The American dream promises fulfillment while pouring concrete into our legs assuring that we feel as if we can’t stand anywhere but where they say.

We can pretend to build a happy home within the safety of the known, but it’s a facade. There is no promised safety. Just flow or resistance.

We either surrender to the present or we create anxiety, depression, and apathy.

Experiences deliver these lessons like a wheelbarrow of compost, delivering ingredients essential for growth. We can refuse to absorb it, but in doing so we choose a piece of life over the entirety.

We’ve been conditioned to feel weak, but our arms can hold more than we know. If it has arrived on our doorstep it is ours to meet, digest, wrestle with, consume, and then spit out what we no longer need.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I hope that you take a moment to breathe in, soften your heart, remind yourself that you are capable, and lean into your lessons.

In each moment it is yours to choose:

Resistance or Flow”

Written by

Aubrey Renee


There is a tremendous amount of truth,

in and beyond these words.

Thank you Aubrey, for sharing such a beautiful part of your soul.

The journey you are on feels very similar to my own.

May our words reach many and continue to spread the message we both feel a calling to share.

We are here for the creative journey of experiencing joy and continuously expanding our minds into deeper levels of bliss.

If you are here reading this, your journey has begun.

Step into Growth

And know you will be supported every step of the way.




If you would like to continue diving deeper into this question – ” Are you awake”  here is a podcast that goes into more detail describing some of the things that occur along this process of awakening. 

Podcast: Love Sex & Magic – Melissa Wells – Sept 16 – Are you Waking Up?


Human Compassion

We are born into this world with decades worth of intelligence engrained in our cells.

We are perfect beings.

But I feel we see a newborn as small or innocent and assume this means they know nothing, therefore start imparting our wisdom thinking they have none.

We know a lot more than we realize even before birth.

 When we watch a young child interact with their world around them, we get that glimpse again of what life is supposed to be like.

A child is so filled with joy and compassion for everything around it. It understands and still sees the beauty in everything. Its ability to be present and see the aliveness of everything is effortless.

It’s when we grow up that we learn ( or are taught habits, and develop beliefs ) that actually contradict the natural instincts that we had when we came into this world.

From the moment we are born we naturally want to share. We know it makes us feel good to do so and we know by sharing we end up receiving in return.

We have forgotten what it feels like to give expecting nothing in return.

As we have evolved, somewhere along the line many of us started believing that giving leads to lacking.

Because if we give, we now have less, right?

This is where we have gone way wrong. Giving does not create a lack.

It creates space for more abundance.

Maybe we now have less material belongings, but we certainly gain from giving.

I’ve been learning a lot about giving lately and the importance of it and what we gain from it.

Detaching ourselves from these material items.

Detaching ourselves from the need to save and hoard money.

Letting go of this hold we have over our material things, and letting go of this feeling that giving away means we now will have less.

Lets rethink this…and remember as we knew when we were born…

Letting go reopens the energy flow.

We have cut off this natural flow of give and receive by believing giving leads to lack.

Which is why we continue to loose and feel a sense of lack. It’s not because our efforts aren’t enough. It’s not because we spend too much. It’s not because we don’t make enough, or weren’t born into it.

It’s because some of us have learned to hoard our belongings in the fear we will end up with nothing.

This belief itself is what creates the lack.

Any action taken from a place of fear does not produce good results.

When we start mindfully spending our money, when we remember to share the things we do have, that we start to remember what it feels like and what takes place after the act of giving.

We receive.

and we receive in abundance.

Let money and material things flow naturally and peacefully out of your life with the understanding and true belief it will come back to you in some way or form.

Because it will. Once we relearn.

We do not need anything to be happy.

Or successful.

Or beautiful.

Or to feel fulfilled.

We came into this world so full of love, happiness, beauty, fulfillment, and abundance….and we had ‘nothing’.

It’s not the items that make us who we are. We tend to hoard our belongings because we feel they are part of us, or make us who we are. Lets remember the items are just items. They freely come and go out of our lives. When we choose to let go of this need to hoard them and become comfortable in our skin without them, the items we need and are supposed to have in that moment will suddenly appear. And once they have served their purpose, they will leave, allowing room for new to come in.

Releasing attachment of this hold and fear returns us back to the same knowing and abundance we had when we first came into this world.

We knew how to share. And we knew this because it is what provides us with the effortless ability to feel joyous and alive.

To go along with this I’d like to talk a briefly about the ‘homelessness’ we are experiencing an increase of in our world today.

Every obstacle provides a lesson.

I feel we are missing the main point of this lesson.

What is the lesson it is trying to teach us?

To share.

Expecting nothing in return.

I have a few books in me about this topic which in the right time I might write, but I’m going to leave it here today.

I encourage you to take this new viewpoint. This new way of looking and try it out even just once. And see for yourself.

Give to someone. In a way that makes you feel joyous. And expect absolutely nothing in return.

And see it for yourself.

I’ve been doing this a lot lately. For me, after once, I don’t plan to stop.

Today in particular is what inspired me to write.

I was in town getting gifts for loved ones for Valentine’s day. I was done and getting back into my car when someone behind me asked if I had change to spare. My subconscious knew there was someone there, but I hadn’t taken the time to actually acknowledge their presence. Being the person I have chosen to become and wanting to create more authentic connections in my own life, I remembered I had just moved a handful of loose change from my cupholder to the hidden console wishing I didn’t have it anymore. I had also just bought two superfood bars ( Shanti Bars ), one was half eaten and I was already full. So along with this spare change, and my desire to give in a way that I feel good about ( sharing real whole foods), I gave him my other bar.

I gave, expecting nothing in return.

But I got abundance.

I got a smile full of gratitude on a face that was warm and friendly.

I got a conversation on a topic I had been pondering myself, and it brought immense relief as well as inspiration to continue on the desire I have.

I got more trust and faith in the caring we human beings have deep down for each other.

I got a feeling of deep peace.

I got authentic connection.

and really so much more.

We have gone through a lot of natural disasters in our world lately.

I personally had a close experience with one myself.

It brings a lot of sorrow and fear…but from it we also have been seeing so much giving from a place of expecting nothing in return.

I feel there is a lesson in this too. It is the same.

The world is trying to teach us.

Lets listen.

If this type of thinking and living is something you want in your life, contact me here and I will work with you so you can incorporate these practices into your life.