Give to Receive

In order to receive we must GIVE.

If you ever find yourself in a place of utter stagnation ~ give. Whether big or small it doesn’t matter. To a friend, family member, or stranger ~ doesn’t matter. Just go give.

The energetic exchange will make its way right back to you. Depending on your level of openness, awareness, and current state of expansiveness, you’ll be able to see how your little act ripples out, and then right back to you. Sometimes instantaneously.

Take note of the energy you are using as you give ~ as that will be the energy you receive back.

Giving can be done in so many ways.

  • a physical gift
  • a text message
  • an energetic exchange of any sort
  • all communication
  • a phone call
  • your time

Aside from money ~ whats the difference between gifting a handmade card to our grandma vs a new car?

The difference is totally up to you. What’s the intention behind the gift? ( what energy is being bridged ) Typically if we are handmaking a card for our grandma ~ its full of love, appreciation, and time. The same can go for gifting something like a car. Money does seem to make the intention setting a little more murky ~ however to keep it in a clear positive intention, it just requires an extra level of awareness, presence, and why it is you are choosing to do that which you’re doing.

Now ~ a BIG stumbling block for me and others is an inability to allow ourselves to receive.

Stemming from places of unworthiness, lack of trust both inward and outward, habitual learning of bad energetic exchanges closing us off as a form of protection, lack of self love creating an inability to receive love back. etc.

Unfortunately if we have an inability to receive this means we then have an inability to give. Leading us straight into that place of stagnation. And since we are ever evolving beings ~ stagnation isn’t exactly good for us.

When we find ourselves in a place of deep hibernation where we know our energy is off and any act of giving will only open us up to receiving bad energy back ~ this is when we learn how to give to ourselves. If we want to feel love, joy, happiness, presence, appreciation . . . this is when we learn to cultivate these within ourselves, give them to ourselves, to begin to unwind and transform our own energetic makeup to where we then feel comfortable giving again to others.

If you’re noticing you are in this space of stagnation ~ its up to us to get out of it. An object at rest, will stay at rest, and an object in motion will stay in motion. ** unless an outside force acts upon it *** which we then have to keep the momentum up ourselves to fully break the cycle.

Think back to a time when someone has given something to you and maybe you haven’t given back in some way. Here is an opportunity to give.

Always be looking for ways in which you can contribute. And think about the ways you would enjoy contributing.

Maybe start small and build yourself up as this is a powerful act of offering and holds within it the code for some magical transformations.

M o n e y

Do we love it – or do we hate it?

Maybe both . . .

The world we’ve created makes it so we need it.

It’s how we eat, sleep in comfort, stay clothed, and partake in experiences.

Everything around us is getting more expensive and our wages are somewhat reflecting that . . . but maybe not near enough.

Most of us are living paycheck to paycheck, working 2, 3 or even 4 jobs, just to pay rent.

Did it ever occur to you that we are the only species on this planet that p a y s to live here.

uuhhh what?! yeah . . hmm…..

Lets figure this out.

I’ve been working on this topic for a few years now . . . and with the help of many, we ARE figuring it out. So it’s my turn to guide you through this same process I went through, so money doesn’t have to be an issue for us anymore.

Yes, one person can make an incredible difference in the world. But it takes a community of us to get that ripple effect really going and that full shift to actually occur.

I’ve done a lot of work on my mindset around money over the past few years. Where my beliefs around money came from and learning how shifting my thoughts about it drastically shifted my reality with it.

I read so many books and attended seminars all about Money Mindset and how we can take back our control over it.

Right now money controls everything we do . . . or rather everything we don’t end up doing.

Here is a little bit of what I learned.

( there will be much more to come as this is such a focal point in our reality today that so many of us are struggling with. I offer coaching around this area as well if that interests you )

Money is energy.

And we are constantly printing and making more of it. It is endless and abundant.

Kinda of like how our skin is continuously replacing itself . . . just as the sun is constantly shining and giving us energy.

The collective mindset right now however, is not one of abundance. It is one of scarcity and lack.

Right now the energy around money is not good. We say it’s evil, people who have it are greedy, money is what ruins relationships etc.

We pretty much say we don’t want it.

If you’ve been following along with me for awhile now, you’ve heard me talk about the Law of Attraction. How what we think and feel is what we get. Like attracts like. Like vibrations, attract like vibrations.

Marinate on that for a minute . . .

or maybe a few

We are saying/thinking daily we don’t like money and how bad it is.

We don’t like paying bills. That meal was too expensive. I don’t have enough to buy that or do this.

We create our realities. By saying, thinking, and feeling these statements, we are attracting more of that back to us. ( like attracts like )

Are you following . . . ?

No wonder its not in our lives.

If money was a friend . . . it wouldn’t stick around either! At least I wouldn’t, and I hope you would’t either.

My money mindset has been the hardest thing for me to flip flop. I grew up doing things I didn’t want to do for money. It was ingrained at a relatively young age, that in order to make money I had to do something I didn’t want to do.

No guys, this isn’t true.

Once I fully understood this, and started playing with it and tried making money doing the things I DID enjoy that not only enriched my life, but others as well . . . the flip flop occurred. My perspective on money dramatically shifted.

Money does NOT have to be the root of all evil.

It is whatever we make it.

Money is what allows us to eat. To sleep in comfort. To enjoy the luxuries we do have.

It is about changing the story we tell ourselves.

Instead of ‘I hate paying rent’ —> I am grateful I have the money to afford a place to keep me warm.

Positive Affirmations will take you E x t r e m e l y far. And can do so VERY quickly if done consistently.

Look up Positive Money Affirmations on google.

Become consistent about repeating them to yourself daily.

Become aware of how you feel when you earn and spend money.

Change your actions to GRATITUDE.

and see how your life changes.

In a matter of just a couple months . . . sometimes even days . . . you will begin to see a shift.

And just to make sure we are all still on the same page . . .

This does not mean be careless. Like everything else this energy needs to be organized ( our universe is organized) and used for GOOD.

Our views on money are what they are today because we didn’t choose wisely in the past.

Be grateful we get the chance to choose again. This time with good intentions.

Give & Receive

Donate to causes that support our planet.

Human Compassion

We are born into this world with decades worth of intelligence engrained in our cells.

We are perfect beings.

But I feel we see a newborn as small or innocent and assume this means they know nothing, therefore start imparting our wisdom thinking they have none.

We know a lot more than we realize even before birth.

 When we watch a young child interact with their world around them, we get that glimpse again of what life is supposed to be like.

A child is so filled with joy and compassion for everything around it. It understands and still sees the beauty in everything. Its ability to be present and see the aliveness of everything is effortless.

It’s when we grow up that we learn ( or are taught habits, and develop beliefs ) that actually contradict the natural instincts that we had when we came into this world.

From the moment we are born we naturally want to share. We know it makes us feel good to do so and we know by sharing we end up receiving in return.

We have forgotten what it feels like to give expecting nothing in return.

As we have evolved, somewhere along the line many of us started believing that giving leads to lacking.

Because if we give, we now have less, right?

This is where we have gone way wrong. Giving does not create a lack.

It creates space for more abundance.

Maybe we now have less material belongings, but we certainly gain from giving.

I’ve been learning a lot about giving lately and the importance of it and what we gain from it.

Detaching ourselves from these material items.

Detaching ourselves from the need to save and hoard money.

Letting go of this hold we have over our material things, and letting go of this feeling that giving away means we now will have less.

Lets rethink this…and remember as we knew when we were born…

Letting go reopens the energy flow.

We have cut off this natural flow of give and receive by believing giving leads to lack.

Which is why we continue to loose and feel a sense of lack. It’s not because our efforts aren’t enough. It’s not because we spend too much. It’s not because we don’t make enough, or weren’t born into it.

It’s because some of us have learned to hoard our belongings in the fear we will end up with nothing.

This belief itself is what creates the lack.

Any action taken from a place of fear does not produce good results.

When we start mindfully spending our money, when we remember to share the things we do have, that we start to remember what it feels like and what takes place after the act of giving.

We receive.

and we receive in abundance.

Let money and material things flow naturally and peacefully out of your life with the understanding and true belief it will come back to you in some way or form.

Because it will. Once we relearn.

We do not need anything to be happy.

Or successful.

Or beautiful.

Or to feel fulfilled.

We came into this world so full of love, happiness, beauty, fulfillment, and abundance….and we had ‘nothing’.

It’s not the items that make us who we are. We tend to hoard our belongings because we feel they are part of us, or make us who we are. Lets remember the items are just items. They freely come and go out of our lives. When we choose to let go of this need to hoard them and become comfortable in our skin without them, the items we need and are supposed to have in that moment will suddenly appear. And once they have served their purpose, they will leave, allowing room for new to come in.

Releasing attachment of this hold and fear returns us back to the same knowing and abundance we had when we first came into this world.

We knew how to share. And we knew this because it is what provides us with the effortless ability to feel joyous and alive.

To go along with this I’d like to talk a briefly about the ‘homelessness’ we are experiencing an increase of in our world today.

Every obstacle provides a lesson.

I feel we are missing the main point of this lesson.

What is the lesson it is trying to teach us?

To share.

Expecting nothing in return.

I have a few books in me about this topic which in the right time I might write, but I’m going to leave it here today.

I encourage you to take this new viewpoint. This new way of looking and try it out even just once. And see for yourself.

Give to someone. In a way that makes you feel joyous. And expect absolutely nothing in return.

And see it for yourself.

I’ve been doing this a lot lately. For me, after once, I don’t plan to stop.

Today in particular is what inspired me to write.

I was in town getting gifts for loved ones for Valentine’s day. I was done and getting back into my car when someone behind me asked if I had change to spare. My subconscious knew there was someone there, but I hadn’t taken the time to actually acknowledge their presence. Being the person I have chosen to become and wanting to create more authentic connections in my own life, I remembered I had just moved a handful of loose change from my cupholder to the hidden console wishing I didn’t have it anymore. I had also just bought two superfood bars ( Shanti Bars ), one was half eaten and I was already full. So along with this spare change, and my desire to give in a way that I feel good about ( sharing real whole foods), I gave him my other bar.

I gave, expecting nothing in return.

But I got abundance.

I got a smile full of gratitude on a face that was warm and friendly.

I got a conversation on a topic I had been pondering myself, and it brought immense relief as well as inspiration to continue on the desire I have.

I got more trust and faith in the caring we human beings have deep down for each other.

I got a feeling of deep peace.

I got authentic connection.

and really so much more.

We have gone through a lot of natural disasters in our world lately.

I personally had a close experience with one myself.

It brings a lot of sorrow and fear…but from it we also have been seeing so much giving from a place of expecting nothing in return.

I feel there is a lesson in this too. It is the same.

The world is trying to teach us.

Lets listen.

If this type of thinking and living is something you want in your life, contact me here and I will work with you so you can incorporate these practices into your life.