Virtual Realities

What does that actually mean to you?

Cause it means a few different things to me. It means screens, social media, emails, phones, more ‘alone’ time, working from home, distancing etc. What I believe the majority of the world sees it as.

And while that is a small part of my reality as well . . . I also see it as something totally more bizarre might I say. Lets see if I can turn back the clock a little, recall some experiences I’ve had in the last few years, and bring you to where I currently am and what living in a virtual reality means to me.

Roughly 2.5 years ago I separated from my then husband. My world and reality went from married with 2 dogs, grocery shopping on Saturdays, house work, yard work, laundry, on Sundays and my 9-5 during the week, squeezing in play time with the dogs and exercise in the mornings, and online classes dinner and time with my husband in the evenings – to – complete reality swap. I moved out of that house, out of that city, out of my job, I had finished school, I left my friends, I left my yoga studio, and everything that I knew and kept me grounded was gone. I was back in the town I grew up in completely disoriented, far from grounded, and flying probably a little too high after meditation.

Which is when I came across people like Joe Dispensa. Talking about energy, energetics, realities, virtual realities ( this was before covid and everything being moved online ), frequencies, manifestion etc.

One of his series I believe it was, was all about how we are living in virtual reality. How what we see, touch, feel, manifest in our physical reality is like mirage. Everything is energy and vibrating at different frequencies. Nothing is ever really solid.

It was a very weird series to watch. It was something so out of the ordinary to me it expanded my consciousness to an extent I could literally feel my own energetics expanding out far beyond the little bubble of energy we all emanate. ( What I am assuming some hard drugs or medicinal mushrooms is like ) My reality / view / perspective – went from my being able to notice myself there in my bedroom and notice the bed, the dresser, walls, the window …. to feeling like my being, my self, my energy, my conscious took up waaaay more space than what was in just that bedroom. I was now sitting in my bed looking at this screen watching this man talk about consciousness and reality, yet it was as if the mountains way to the west I could easily just touch. I went from taking up just a little space, to taking up a lot, energetically. And when I was able to maintain this level of expansion, I began to learn over the course of months and years how my little physical actions right here in front of me where simultaneously effecting the actions taking place way over on that mountainside.

Idk if I’ll ever really be able to articulate the world in which I see through these eyes ~ however I do feel there is something to be said and looked into about those brief, yet common, moments of ‘wait, did I just see what I thought I did’ – or ‘ wait, what was that’.

The instances of disappearing objects, or objects being moved.

It also has me thinking back to a book I’ve read a few times by the author Dan Millman. Titled Way of the Peaceful Warrior. A book I’ve been wanting to reread again.

Who knows. I certainly don’t. But I find it fascinating.

With talk about different realities, dimensions, timelines. How 2 people standing right next to each other looking at supposedly the same thing can describe it in completely different ways.

How our our energetic inner state will completely define the world in which we walked into outside. How we really do create our reality with our minds. Our minds being kinda like computers. Again ~ another link to this virtual reality thing.

Ive been having fun playing around with energy lately and watching how the universe moves around energetics like it does wind. Denser particles sink, lighter ones float. Colder air sinks, warmer air rises. Positive and negative energies attracting or repelling eachother like magnets.

Such a weirdly beautiful dance of energetics.

or for all I know ~ maybe I just played that computer game the Sims a few too many times as a kid.

That could very much so be possible too.

: ) Have fun dancing in this worlds somewhat hap hazardous flow : )

remembering we ourselves are energy. we are air floating in space. absorbing, releasing, and floating around like the leaves in the trees during the wind, and we can choose how long we hold onto energies in our bodies.

utilize the earth, the air, the wind, the water, and movement do allow yourself to flow effortlessly in this energetic sun given dance.


As I walk into this new chapter of my life I am scared shitless.

Scared of what I will have to reopen and face, as well as scared of the immensity of growth and expansion that is going to occur.

The pain, hurt, sorrow, shattered pieces, broken hearts, loss of trust, harsh words, negative emotions, so much that was buried down deep, shoved away, and put aside in the moment for the need to simply survive and keep my head above water.

Well now it all resurfaces to be purged and forever moved out, transformed, and forgotten.

Sitting at the waters edge not wanting peer down for the fear and knowing I haven’t liked my reflection. Is it too soon to look? Have I waited long enough, processed through enough, and shifted enough things for that reflection to be more friendly yet?

As I slowly tip toe my way forward in the direction I know I am meant to be going, the gentle knowing I have yet to fully step forth lingers. And its these gentle whispers that I know are truth.

So what does fully stepping forward look like?

What do I want it to look like?

These are the questions.

Handling Hard Days

Hard Days – We all Have Them.

But our perception of them is what determines whether we call it a hard/bad day or a Day of Growth.

In order to move forward and progress we have to be willing to be completely present and aware in the moments that really count. The moments of struggle, the moments of anger, sorrow, hurt, disappointment etc.

These moments are the tug, the pull, the stretch into something new. These are the signs that what you are after is wanting you, but in order for it to become your reality you have to change your current understanding and view yet another perspective.

What we want, wants us.
In order to get something different, we have to become something different.

Notice yourself the next time you get angry, hurt, or upset. And when you notice this, stop and step back.  Relax into the moment and see it as an opportunity for massive growth.

Examine the root of what triggered your reaction.

These emotions are giant signs that there is an off balance and growth is trying to take place.
This is your chance to aim it in the direction you want it to go.

Decide what it is you are wanting and how it is different from what you are currently getting.

We are not our emotions. We witness our emotions flooding through our bodies. We have the ability to detach from them and watch them run their course and stop and shift them as we choose to further our own development and evolution.

Every tug and pull is a little sign trying to keep you on track.

If you are feeling stuck, drained, uninspired, or unmotivated, see it as a blessing! This is the perfect time to do some serious manifesting. Use this down/negative energy to fuel yourself. This is where you can get serious and determined about what you want. This is where we can really build up our motivational energy and say to ourselves this is not what I want, I want this instead, and then go at it at full force! So much momentum can be gained here.

Action Steps:

The next time you see yourself in a moment of frustration, anger, or lack of motivation, step back mentally in your mind ( sometimes physically taking a step back works really well too ) and stop what you are doing. Bring awareness to what feeling/s you have in your body, work on finding what brought that feeling into being, and then push through/break through/ transcend/ surrender/ leg go/ release it into a better feeling that you are wanting. You’ll feel elevated and like a weight has lifted when you do this.

Find humor in your crazy emotions. Again, we are not our emotions, we are the ones witnessing them. Sometimes our emotions are completely crazy and make no sense. Be willing to laugh and at them. It lightens the moment and dramatically helps you separate your body and headspace from the negative energy that arises from it. A lot of the time we are actually picking up and absorbing the emotions/energies from people around us and the environments we are in.

Be curious about your emotions. Honor them, respect them, and you’ll gain an understanding of them. It will help in your own development and even help you in understanding what others around you are going through and give you the ability to help them with what they are going through as well.


Understanding Energy


What is energy? What is vibration? 

When we put our energy into things that bring us joy, we create more energy for ourselves. 
When we put our energy into things our inner being doesn’t want to do or enjoy…it drains us. 

We feed off of each others energy. 

Do more of what brings you joy and less of what drains you. 

Raise your energy. Raise your vibration. 

Raise your vibration and experience more feelings of joy, love, and wonder.

Your life will DRASTICALLY change.  

Surround yourself with people who feed your desires. 
Fill your mind and body with positive, uplifting music, food, water, conversation. Nature!  

What we put in . . . water, food, music, conversations . . . is what we get out. 

Good quality water. Life giving food. High Vibrational music. Supportive encouraging conversations and relationships. Clean organized environment / and headspace.

We become what we eat, drink, think, feel, and surround ourselves with. 

Its when we pay attention to all these areas, cultivate them in ways that uplift us, and balance our energy between them that we experience a surge in life giving energy.

Feed yourself in the right way . . .and watch the energy and joyfulness you had as a little kid return. 


Ask and It Is Given

It is crazy to me these days as I watch my life unfold in front of my eyes. I am making connection after connection and seeing pattern after pattern that I’ve been repeating since childhood. The older I get the more I can see how life is like a spiral. 

The concept and actuality behind ‘Ask, and it is Given’ is so insanely beautiful.

Now that I am aware of it…these connections are helping me see how it has always been apart of my life. It is apart of all of our lives.

We all are constantly asking for things we want, for clarity in places that don’t make sense, and the universe instantly starts arranging things and trying to give us the answers we seek…we just don’t always see them because it doesn’t come in the way we expect it to.

We shoot out all these requests and desires, yet when the universe hands us an opportunity that will give us exactly what we are asking for… we freak out. Its like a deer in the headlights moment or like those little sea anemones where you barely touch it and it retracts instantly back to safety.

We choose to stay comfortable where we are.  Yet we forget that if we want something different than what we are currently getting…we have to become something different. We have to grow and change and break a cycle or pattern we are used to.

We have to be uncomfortable in the unknown for a brief second and realize what we asked for is sitting there waiting for us.

As I look back at the last few years of my life I’m realizing the hardest times I went through were right after I asked for something big…had the opportunity present itself…but then didn’t take it for one reason or another ( always a fear based reaction).

We build up so much momentum and energy asking for what we want, then when we pull back in the moment the opportunity presents itself, we break that natural movement of energy and it gets dispersed out all over the place in chaos trying to figure out what just happened. Our bodies and minds go into chaos as well. 

Its like telling a child you’re going to give them a lolly pop they have been staring at and craving to have… buying it, starting to hand it over…and then suddenly pulling back and refusing to give it up. Hello temper tantrum.

My point here is to be aware of the discourse in your life.

Be aware of what you’re asking for to take its place.

Be aware of what patterns/actions you might have to change or adjust to let this new in.

Then watch for the opportunity to arise.

( its usually random, weird, sudden. Not what we expect and sometimes it is a serious of occurrences that need to take place to get us to this final resting spot)

And then take it! Fearlessly!  or at least start taking actions towards it if you’re not in a place to fully jump in.

Let go of fear.

Let go of doubt.

Let go of worry.

Let go of expectation. 

You begin to create a flow, a momentum, and your present moment desires start manifesting out instantaneously in front of you, one after another. Filling our souls and bodies with a joyous loving light that builds stronger and stronger.

The hard part is blocking out our minds reaction to tell us its scared. Its in these first few moments of continuous manifestation that we fall into the mind trap of freaking out because we get a glimpse of just how powerful we really are.

We are Spiritual Beings living in a materialistic world

trying to remember, we are spiritual beings with the ability to endlessly create whatever reality we choose to see.

It starts by becoming aware we are not our minds.

We have a mind.

And we can learn how to use it, program it, and allow it to process through whats good and whats bad, saving only the good.