Like nature – we shift, we morph, we change into whatever shape the wind and water forms us into. Molding us, transforming us, purifying us. A consistent flow and cycle of change and adaptation. Every curve, every inch. Everything touched, nothing left undone.

The only consistent thing in this world is that everything changes.

I am unable to imagine a more pristine time than right now, with everything going on in the world, for us to be able to redesign, recreate, adjust, and tweak the world, our ideals, and the way we go about our day to day life. The rug underneath all of our feet has been moved, and we are seeing all the dust, dirt, unfinished business, old bad habits, and harmful things we either intentionally put under the rug, or did so not realizing.

So many layers and levels across all platforms that need to be addressed and shifted so we can move forward into a new and better version.

I see it happening. All around me. I see the right questions being asked leading to the right answers. I see people taking action where action needs to be taken. I see people learning and evolving and wanting to step up and be a better version, their best version. So many learning curves. So much adaptation its quiet beautiful when we are able to step back and look from a birds eye view.

We are all on different levels. Moving through whichever area of our life is currently presenting itself in front us and learning how to navigate in new ways to produce new and desired solutions.

A massive upheaval which I do truly believe we will all be able to look back on and see just how much incredibly positive change occurred amongst the chaos.

When we choose to see the beauty within a disaster, it is the beauty we end up seeing.

For help shifting out of habits that may longer being working check out what I offer as a Wellness Coach, and get in touch so you can begin to see the change you are desiring.

Regain Your Control

Life gets weird.

We all know it.

So what do we do when it does?

It can be really easy to loose ourselves when something, or multiple things, come up that take over our minds. Every thought becomes centered around it. And before you know it a few weeks, maybe months, have gone by and you feel like you’ve lost yourself and any momentum in the direction of keeping yourself centered and balanced.  

Well…. that’s just another thought too. 

And we are not our thoughts. We, our souls,  just observe them. And we can choose which ones we want to listen to. The fact you realized time had flown by tells you your mind is growing and strengthening. This time your awareness caught up and now is your opportunity to refocus. To recenter and get balanced out. 

The perfect opportunity actually. 

Because now you have a really good idea of what you DON’T want. So start adjusting and adding in more of what you DO want. 

And please remember – sustainable changes are made by taking baby steps. Not 10, or even 5, huge changes all at once.

ONE change at a time. ( Maybe 2 , but lets keep it at that )

Make it small. It could even look like spending the next 3 days thinking and entertaining the thought of making a baby step. THAT IS A STEP. 

The smaller the step, the more likely you are to do it and accomplish it. Then, your baby steps will add up, and the more you accomplish them the more confidence you will have in yourself and your ability to make change.   And it just grows and grows from there 🙂 

You’ve Got this!

I know you do!

Need a little guidance?

What is one thing that is bothering you lately?
What do you want it to look like instead? 

Now – what is your baby step you can take right now?

And as always – I am here to help if you need more in-depth guidance

Send me a message.

That right there could be your baby step.     🙂

All my best,