I’m Jody Vining

 » Holistic Wellness Coach.
» Lover of nature.
» Anything that brings me joy.
» And your own personal advocate for finding

BalancePurposeNourishment in your life.

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I am examining the choices I have made that brought me to where I am today so that I can make other choices to go where I want to go in the future

Why I decided to become a Health Coach and share my knowledge with others…

◊ To help you relearn you can live your dreams
◊ To remind you of the joy, confidence, safety, and comfort that comes from being your most true authentic self.
◊ To teach you how to Live by Choice instead of following along in our societies laid out blueprint.
◊ To help you figure out Food and how it impacts our lives so greatly.
We talk about things such as Food Choices, fostering a Positive Mindset, Authentic Connections, what it means to be Empowered, how Gratitude has such a huge impact on our reality, how to gain Focus, Clarity, and Peace of Mind, how to set and reach goals. We talk about dieting and why I prefer you to eat intuitively instead. We talk about Healthy Digestion, Stress and Anxiety, Self Criticism and the importance of Self Care. We touch on brain fog and low energy, sleep and conscious living.
And what it truly means to be your authentic self and how it is so empowering.
And so much more!
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If you are ready to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life where waking up is a pleasure and the majority of your thoughts during the day are positive

I am here to help guide and support you into living a life that is more nourishing and authentic to you.

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We all start from somewhere. You can learn about my journey to becoming empowered and in control here.

Or check out my Blog or Instagram for inspiration and recipes.

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